Quick Drought Survival Tips for Your Lawn

Posted on July 22, 2015 By

droughtWhen water shortages hit your region, see these useful tips for retaining your lawn as balanced as possible. Drought is a certainty the majority of us have to overcome at some point. Whether the period of unusually low moisture is long or short, you can get ready for your lawn’s endurance.

In a lack of rain, spray your lawn only once or twice a week so that a whole of one inch is used in watering during this period. How do you know exactly when you’ve used an inch? Set out small food containers in several places around on the lawn where the spray water lands, you can use waterproof pen to mark the inch spot. Once the container reaches the marking, that area has obtained an inch of water.

Increase the mowing height 30 percent or more. Allowing the grass grow slightly taller will improve the shading of surface roots and help preserve surface moisture.

Grass recycling – an easy process of leaving clippings on the lawn after mowing. The clippings, when left into position after cutting the grass, will supply a ready source of fertilizer while supporting the soil keep water which encourages root growth and a healthy lawn.

A decent nutrient rich base, sporadical deep watering, a bit more higher grass and recycling of the clippings will deliver the best chance for survival and fast recovery if drought and heat have an impact on your lawn this summer.


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